Advantages of SaaS

The main advantages of this new way of distributing and using software for the client include the following:

Lower initial investment cost

As no supplies and equipment are required (servers, network, etc.). In the case of the SaaS software, the "Pay as you go" model is used, which allows the software to be used against a monthly low monthly price.

Zero cost for "buying" and installing software

The customer does not "buy" the SaaS software, but through subscription he gets the right to use it for as long as he needs it.

Zero cost for purchasing, installing and maintaining infrastructure equipment

SaaS is centrally installed on Data Center equipment belonging to the subscriber service provider, so the customer does not have additional costs for purchasing and installing Servers and Network equipment.

Zero cost for maintenance and upgrades of software

The cost of the SaaS subscription includes future upgrades of the software for the entire subscription period. Therefore, the customer does not have extra costs for maintenance contracts and new software versions.

Smaller start time for running software

The software is already installed and is running on the Data Center equipment of the subscription service provider.

Ability to use the software from any point at any time

The client is able to access and use the software from anywhere has an Internet connection.

Ability to immediately and at no extra cost of exploiting new technologies

Any technological improvement by the supplier of the operating environment of the subscription service is provided to the customer at no extra cost for the entire subscription period.

Discharge from performing the necessary technical management tasks

The client is not involved in technical management tasks (eg maintenance and new versions of software, backup, etc.), as the responsibility for these tasks is assumed by the subscriber service provider.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
According to estimates by several international firms and taking into account all cost parameters in an investment for an IT system (supply / installation / maintenance / upgrade of both software and infrastructure equipment, human resources needs) , A SaaS solution leads to a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).