Services SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) , It means providing software as an Internet subscription service, and is becoming more popular due to its ability to simplify development and reduce costs.

SaaS is also often associated with a subscription license pay as you go .

Get a complete computerization and a modern online presence with an Online eShop, actually renting the software.

Based on this model and unlike traditional software:

  1. Customer does not buy user licenses but acquires the right to use the software as part of a subscription for a certain period of time.
  2. The software does not work on the equipment of the customer who wants to use it, but infrastructure equipment installed in a suitable Data Center belongs to the subscriber service provider and is used jointly to meet the needs of all service customers.
  3. The client can access and use the software over the Internet at any point and at any time it is desirable.

The cost of the SaaS subscription fully covers:

  • use of software
  • the use of core infrastructure used to run the software
  • new versions of software and administrative tasks undertaken by the subscriber service provider (eg daily backup, database compression / optimization, maintenance of new software versions).