SmartSoft Beverage Management

It is the solution for managing the consumption of beer cellars in bars, without the need for the presence of a manager. With the installation of the system we have the correct execution of the orders for the dose, the electronic recording of the dose and quantity of doses performed for each bottle per day and hour as well as the payment and cash flow control.

Benefits of using Professional Beverage Management:

True dose calculation per drink
Control of free drinks
Excluding Being Losing a Human Fault
Direct customer service
Immediate inventory count
Easy to find a bottle in the bar
Organization and healthy bar surfaces

Required Equipment:

WiFi Spout, 1 bottle per bottle

Wireless tube applied to each bottle. When executing an order, the amount of bottled dose and how many installments are sent electronically to the WiFi Controller

WiFi Control, quantity 1

Wireless data collector. Retrieves all electronic records of bottles that have a WiFi spout when executing the order and registers them on a computer

Spout charger, 10% of WiFi spouts

Charger for WiFi spout. Indicative order quantity is 10% of the amount of WiFi spout

Spout shutdown key, quantity 1

In the event that someone tries to remove the WiFi spout from the bottle, the movement is recorded. If we want to clear the WiFi spout, there is a key to disable the removal from the bottle

SmallBiz Order software

Recording: All Orders Execute per Day, Expenditure Expenditure, Compared to Payments and Cash Flow Control