SmartSoft hoteLux

hoteLux Is the solution proposed by SmartSoft for tourism businesses - hotels, boat rentals, car rentals, ticket reservations etc. - who want fast and easy internet presentation and provide services that require online reservations,

Multilingual support
Hierarchical categorization of products and services
Unlimited number of products and services
Online Booking
Allotment Management
Manage Help, Partners, Careers, and all content of hoteLux
Managing Banner Banners jpg, gif, flash, embedded video stream
B2C and B2B Customers
Managing multiple pricelists by product category and customer category B2C - B2B
Creating bundles of matching products
Post customer reviews for each product
Automatic email, sms, newsletters
Online Credit Card Payments &Online History Store WinBank Piraeus, EuroBank, PayPal
Full Business Management Capability (Businessmen, Customers, Suppliers Sales, Purchases, Finance, Warehousing, MIS Prints)
Booking status traceability
B2B User Ability with Customer Tab
Product Statistics (products with higher demand and users who have expressed interest in them)
High Searches in Search Engines (SEO)
Automatic creation of sitemap.xml, robots.txt for Google Search Engine
Create Google Advertising Word Campaigns

Demo hotelux