My company has been compiling businesses since 1989. After the DOS '' golden '' era when Greek companies presented remarkable software packages, I expected them to see something really functional and especially fast and reliable. An ERP that would make the most of the new Windows technologies. Despite my wandering in various software, I did not find what I was asking for as a user but also as a developer with 20 years of experience in the field. When I tried SmarSoft's smallBiz I was impressed by the following features: Simple and comprehensible interface for both common and advanced users. A database that never cracks. (I forgot my customers what it would say "index reconstruction"). Fast even on obsolete computers. Fast and reliable in remote Internet connection. (We have customers invoicing online at branches with a simple Internet connection, without any extra equipment). Unsupported reporting capabilities for statistics and not just information. Supercharged by subsystems, such as multi-barcode management, weighing and cash registers, intensive retail, branch and warehouse space, physical inventory, portable pricing, and more. Unique convenience platform for automatic online e-shop support. It is worthwhile trying to figure out what a real computerized tool will say.

Panayiotis Deligiannidis

We have been active in the retail trade of women's clothing for twenty years. We can now talk about PRO and post SmartSoft smallBiz ERA. ALL have changed for the better. We thought we had computerized but now we have a "financial consultant-analyst" on a daily basis. Where to start?
1. From the registration of the items from the moment of the order and the check we perform after the receipt; Now we can also check directly if the cost is the same as the agreed ones and if the items we receive (which are hundreds of codes) we ordered them. We have identified suppliers' "errors" in pricing as well as quantity-sizes
2. Perfect clientele and customer shopping habits and systematic updating of new arrivals of their favorite brands
3. Very friendly to the user who very quickly becomes familiar with his philosophy and can easily adapt to the basic functions necessary for everyday processes. Otherwise, SmartSoft smallBiz is quite vast and with great scope to exploit its potential as a program, making it a daily challenge for the restless user.
4. What I, personally, I think is very important, is the immediacy of updating with regard to fashion lux. In real time, you can make changes to the items and watch them appear directly at your Online eShop.
To finish my comments on my experience with the standalone SmartSoft smallBiz but also in conjunction with fashion lux is very positive as my personal contact with PCs and high tech was quite Inappropriate - however, I (and I and my business staff) have adapted it easily and there was no transition from the previous software to the new one. That is, we did not lose a minute from our everyday processes at the retail level. Finally we have also won the game of impressions because our clientele is totally satisfied with our organization and our upgraded services as a business.

Efthimia Deligiannidis

FashionLux combined with SmallBiz provide a comprehensive proposal for business development and management. FashionLux as a "storefront" of the shop is intimate to the e-shop customer because it is based on a successful recipe and provides sufficient information for the items to be sold.

The team of ""

In 2008, we launched a market research for an integrated IT system that covers all the needs of our business. We chose SmartSoft's smallbiz . All our employees now, with simple procedures, can register and retrieve information from the smallbiz system easily and quickly. The great advantage of the program is the accumulation of many technical features in a solution, accounting, sales, supplies, warehouse, Online eShop, CRM, etc. in an information system. In this way, there was no need to involve many companies with different solutions in our business. The positive result of the solution we have chosen, apart from its technological competence, is the direct technical support from experienced technicians. Surely a very important issue for any business. We have never been exposed by technical support. Really easy for so many possibilities. Undoubtedly an excellent choice.

We have installed the SmallBiz suite for over one year. We are very pleased with the capabilities of the software as it enables us to work a lot of people at the same time and to work remotely because the application works incredibly fast and out of work.
Smallbiz is a very powerful tool for our business because we can do what we want in terms of our merchant accounting piece of work and, in addition, using CRM to do targeted marketing campaigns. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to have a complete package of applications.

Angela Paul

For a company such as Cyprus PC, it is very important to have a software with specific features since the particular electronics and service industry has wholesale, retail, complex discounts with customer-specific criteria, quantity and transaction amount, serial number management, Contracts, etc.
The company's staff found us in the 2 years of using the software the easiest to use than we had used before and the immediacy of the information whenever and as desired. On the other hand, the management of the company found what it was looking for in terms of various parametric reports. Specifically, some of the great trumps of the program for our company are:
- Manage serial numbers.
- Managing other identifying features in items such as color, size, diameter, etc.
- Tool for Custom Reports
- All data is exported to Excel for further analysis
- Ability to upgrade version and add modules depending on our needs
- Ability to connect to an Online eShop or create it from ERP
- Ability to change the language in Greek and English.
- Creating custom forms in word per display screen
The most important thing for all businesses is fast remote access from anywhere the internet is based on an internet enabled technology disconnected model.

Christos Kartsioulis

SmallBiz's accounting piece has significant advantages over other accounting programs. The fact that it can work in conjunction with the merchandise and the information immediately comes into accounting is one of the most important things for our accountants. In addition, I can create template articles, load my own accounting plan, automate forms like VAT for a few seconds, and export my data to Excel.
One of the great trumps of the software is also that I can work the accounting remotely by having just a DSL and to join my client's Server even on a weekend that his business is closed to do my job. In closing, I would like to tell all accountants that there may be many programs in the market for our work but the Smallbiz with the customization, flexibility, capabilities, and support that I see is among the top-of-the-line in the market.

Andreas Charalambous, Accountant

After some problems I had with my previous program I used for commercial management in my bookstore, I chose SMART BIZ of SMART SOFT. What I have to say first of all is that the bookshelves have many thousands of products, with many parameters and many difficulties. From the first moment I noticed that there was no relationship between them.
I have greatly improved all the work I need to do
- I can easily control the stock of my warehouse and more accurately
- I'm doing better, easier, and more precisely my orders
- I better and accurately check my suppliers' prices very easily
- I make my bills more and more in ways
But what I think is most important to all is that I have excellent, and above all, direct support, to whatever I need. And since we live in the age of the internet, another point I would like to make is how easy and how helpful it is to build an Online eShop. After what I said before, I could without any hesitation recommend it to anyone who needs a program easy, quick and helpful. Also what I think is necessary and due to the time to transfer to you is my belief that SMART SOFT's SMALL BIZ program is very reasonable for its fullness and all that it offers.

Dimitris K. Chadolias

I have used Smartsoft's Small biz service for the last 2 years though Hyperife Technologies Ltd in Cyprus. Hyperlife pointed out ways I can increase my company's productivity using all that SmallBiz can offer. I am currently using simple version as Rental service and I am very happy as I can get all I need in terms of invoicing customers, statements of accounts, current stock, and perform discounts. They key to success using this software is the dedicated support and attention we have on anything asked so far from Hyperlife Technologies.

C.C Click N Buy from Constantinos Maifoshis

The reason I chose this software is the flexibility it provides to my business. First of all it has different modules to choose from and can suit every budget since it has not only purchase but rental options as well. We like the support given to the user by Hyperlife. Provided online, it is very fast and personalized.
We have just recently started our business and are aiming to generate major part of our sales over the internet. The fact that this software can be integrated into e-commerce solutions make us feel that we started with the right software. This integration again is tailored to different budgets and can be implemented on a standard or customized basis.

Almaport Ltd (Baby Premium) from Askar